Proctoring Information for Students

For Students:

NMSU Albuquerque Center offers exam proctoring for NMSU students taking online courses free of charge, and for other institutions for a fee. If your instructor requires proctored examinations you may choose to use this service. Simply follow the 2-Step instructions below. All proctored exams must be scheduled and completed during our normal hours of operation, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This means that if you have a 2 hour exam, the latest you can schedule it would be 3 p.m.

Step 1.  Right Click on the link below and choose the “save link as” to save the form to your desktop or documents.  Open the form from its saved location, fill the form out completely, choose to “save as”, then email the completed form to to arrange the exam.

Get your Student Proctor Form by clicking on this link: ABQ Student Proctor Form

You are required to complete the Student Proctor Form at least one week in advance of every proctored exam. Once we have received your completed form, we will schedule your exam date and time. You will receive a Google Calendar email with confirmation of the scheduled date and time.  You are responsible for submitting the form, paying any expenses involved, including postage to mail written exams back to your instructor. Finally, you are responsible for notifying your instructor of your scheduled exam to ensure they send instructions.

Step 2.  Take the exam at the scheduled location, date and time.

Bring a student or government issued photo ID, writing instrument, and any other items allowed by your instructor for the exam, such as a calculator, book, or notes.  You will not be allowed to access your cell phone, electronic devices, laptop, or other communication device unless allowed by the instructor.  It is your responsibility to notify the instructor and the proctor if you cannot take a scheduled exam.  If you are late for your exam you may be assessed a reschedule fee.  Walk-in students are not guaranteed a time slot for taking an exam.