NEWS – Albuquerque Center is Moving – NEWS

As many of you are aware, during the past few months we have been in conversation with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) exploring a space sharing partnership. The university’s current budget challenges led us to explore other locations for the Albuquerque Center. It was through the efforts of NMSU Chancellor Carruthers and CNM President Winograd that the opportunity to collaborate with CNM emerged. NMSU Albuquerque at CNM will be located at CNM Montoya campus’ Building K (4700 Morris St. NE). The move will allow us to maintain our strong Masters of Social Work program while continuing to support NM EDGE, the Family & Child Welfare Training Project, and other partners.

Fall 2016 classes will be at the Montoya Campus with the initial move happening in early August. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available under Quick Links to the right.

Welcome to New Mexico State University Albuquerque Center! The Albuquerque Center is a vibrant hub for academic and community interaction, and its convenient central location provides outreach for recruitment, student orientation, alumni events, meetings, and conferences. The principal function for the Albuquerque Center is coordination between the facility and Las Cruces campus academic services, and facility event management that serves thousands of guests annually. The Center’s meeting, classroom, and office space provides a location more convenient to New Mexico’s state capitol and to the Albuquerque International Sunport. Albuquerque’s central location makes it a natural hub for outreach into rural areas of the state that lie beyond convenient access to Las Cruces. In Albuquerque as in Las Cruces, it’s All About Discovery!


Degree programs delivered at or through the Albuquerque Center satisfy a demand otherwise unmet in central and northern New Mexico. Innovative technologies are utilized to deliver programs to our non-traditional students throughout New Mexico.

Academic Services:

New Mexico State University’s Albuquerque Center primarily offers programs that are not offered at other institutions in the Albuquerque area. It provides a central location for student access in distance learning and face to face programs with different professional emphases. Enrollment management transactions are primarily administered by the Las Cruces campus, however some services are also offered at the Albuquerque Center. These services are vital for our students and contribute to building a thriving alumnus in the Albuquerque area. Visit the Academic Services Section for more specific information.


External Relations: